Our Award Winning Executive Chef, Mark Taylor and his team will delight and inspire you. Boasting a talented catering team from across the globe, Luna Park Weddings offers you flexibility, quality and most importantly, taste, as Mark explains:

What can Luna Park offer to brides in terms of catering?
We’re able to offer our guests a really diverse selection of cuisines, which then allows us to cater for a wide range of people’s needs and wants. We also arrange a number of wedding showcases each year, where the bride, groom and immediate family members come along to the tour the venues and taste the menu on offer. We also allow our guests to customise each dish to something more to their liking if they prefer. For example, the spiciness of a meal or if potatoes are preferred to polenta. We also arrange private menu tastings for brides and grooms, where they can try a really specific dish and ensure they get exactly what they want. At the end of the day, it is their big day, so we do our utmost to make sure they receive food they love and will remember.

Tell us about your specialist catering team.
I've worked at Luna Park for 11 years now, and for the past eight years I have been at the helm of the kitchen as Executive Chef. My background is in fine dining - I’ve worked in many country house hotels back in England, including a 900 year old castle and a shooting estate. My skills in volume catering were honed working on Disney Cruise Line as Chef de Cuisine and also onboard Cunard’s Queen Elizabeth 2 (QE2).

The support from my fantastic team of chefs is another reason we perform so well as a catering service. Most come from restaurant & cruise ship backgrounds, as well as one team member from a Michelin starred restaurant in London. Most have been here between three and nine years, which shows their dedication and commitment to the team. We also recently won Best Venue Caterer for NSW at the prestigious Restaurant & Catering Awards.

What is your speciality or style?
If I had to choose a name it would be Modern Australian, although I would prefer to say that we don’t have a specific style. We’re very versatile and we take inspiration from cuisines from all around the globe, therefore creating dishes that are incredibly flavourful and appealing to the eye. My team hail from all over the world, including Germany, India, Wales, Russia, Sierra Leone, Columbia, Bangladesh and New Zealand, so I like to have each chef create a dish from their cultural and culinary background that appeals to our guests.

What is the most common style of wedding meal you create?
I find that most guests choose the safer options that the majority of their guests will enjoy. Generally speaking, it's normally a chicken or prawn dish for the entree and a beef, chicken, salmon or barramundi dish for the mains. Around 90% of our guests choose our chef's selection of mini desserts for the dessert, as it gives everyone a taste of lots of little things and allows the guests to mingle with each other from table to table.

Do you have a signature dish?
My signature dish is a ballotine of cured salmon, lime creme fraiche, wild rocket leaves & caviar. We have had this on many menus and our guests just love it as it's such a light, fresh dish. We currently have an Asian version of it on our menu, so we do adapt favourite dishes and make them slightly different.

Give us a brief, sample menu that you think is pretty special?
These dishes below are very popular at the moment and have fantastic, vibrant flavours:
Entree - Crispy Peking duck roll, sweet & sour cucumber, sour cherry jelly, watermelon and shallot salad
Mains - Pan fried barramundi fillet, grilled sweet paprika prawn risotto, asparagus spears, semi dried kumato tomatoes and chorizo tapenade
Dessert - White chocolate mousse, dark chocolate soil, almond and sea salt gelato and macaron 

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